How it works as a Seller

To Sign up & upload unlimited your products to OptiFruit  is free of charge. After approving of our Sales team you can start uploading your products without Big logo or watermark on the product pictures and no Company names or details in the description. OptiFruit have the right to change the pictures and text in the offers. After approving of your offer OptiFruit can start offering your products by Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and E-mail. By a sales agreement made by Optifruit we will charge a commission of 2% over the sales amount. No Sales = No commission. You will sell always FOB or FOT. The buyer need to organize the transport and as a additional service we can help with this. The buyer need to prepay the full amount to a safety bank account of Optifruit. We will pay you by showing of the right export documents the first 50%. The other 48% we will pay by arrival of the products in good conditions.

How it works as a Buyer

To Sign up to OptiFruit is free of charge. After approving of our Sales team you can start searching and buying your products. By a sales agremeent you need to prepay the full amount to a safety bank account of OptiFruit before the seller can start preparing the products. You are always buying FOB or FOT and the transport is for you to organize. OptiFruit is be able to help you with additional service. OptiFruit will pay by showing of the right transport documents the first 50% to the seller.After arrival of the products in good conditions OptiFruit will pay the last amount to the seller. The sales commission will be paid by the seller

Privacy Statement and Policy

OptiFruit takes your privacy seriously. In this Privacy Statement, we explain what personal data we collect and use, for what purpose, and how we ensure that it is properly secured.

Privacy policy

In its capacity as controller, OptiFruit processes, manages, and secures personal data with the utmost care. We offer the visitors of our website a safe place for their personal data. In so doing, we meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and national legislation. We have set out in writing in our Privacy Regulations how we meet these requirements.

Personal data and processing purpose

We use personal data – the User’s name, telephone number, and e-mail address – if the User in question has provided it to OptiFruit via the website by filling in the contact form or subscribing to the OptiFruit newsletter, for example OptiFruit uses this personal data exclusively for the purpose for which the User has provided it. If the User has subscribed to the newsletter, OptiFruit will use the personal data to send the newsletter to the User.

Security and retention

The organisation takes appropriate measures to protect personal data against abuse, loss, unauthorised access, and other undesirable actions. These measures, including SSL-certified encryption, provide a level of security appropriate to the data we process. These measures are laid down in our privacy regulations. OptiFruit operates a clean desk policy: employees are not allowed to take any data home and all cabinets and drawers are locked after working hours. In addition, the IT department issues guidelines regarding the regular changing of passwords. The personal data collected is not kept for longer than necessary. OptiFruit observes the statutory retention periods.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics because we want to find out how our visitors use the website so that we can optimise it. We have concluded a processor’s agreement with Google for this purpose. Google’s cookies are therefore placed via this website. The information is anonymised as effectively as possible. Your IP address is not used. We are therefore unable to trace any information back to you. More information about the policy of Google Analytics is given here

Third parties

The basic principle is that we do not share personal data with third parties. If data is shared at all, this is done only because it is necessary for the performance of a contract or to comply with a legal obligation. Agreements are made with organisations that process your data on our behalf to ensure that your data is also properly secured at those organisations. This is done by means of a Processor’s Agreement or a privacy statement in the General Terms and Conditions of the third party in question.

Data and rights

You have the right to object to your data being processed and to view, rectify, or have your data deleted. You can also ask the organisation to restrict the processing of your personal data or to transmit your data to you or a third party.

Do you wish to exercise any or all of these rights? Do you have questions about how we handle privacy and personal data? Or do you have a complaint about how we process personal data? If so, please contact OptiFruit’s communications manager via

If we are unable to resolve the matter in consultation, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the regulatory authority: the Dutch Data Protection Authority, via

Amendments to the privacy statement

We reserve the right to amend this privacy statement. If we adopt a revised version, we will make sure that this is clearly announced with information about the most important changes. We also indicate when the statement was last amended.